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Struggling with Neuromancer

          Reading Neuromancer is difficult, but to summarize my frustration, I’ll quote Walter Sobchak from The Big Lebowski: “…you have no frame of reference here, [Donny.] You’re like a child who wanders into the middle of a movie…”           This novel requires slow reading and re-reading because I’m trying to construct an exposition in my […]

Response to “Blame Shifting”

In continuation of AngryMurmurs’ post, “Blame Shifting,” I wanted to apply some of her ideas to Peter Watts, “The Things.” Unlike “Who Goes There?” and the film version, the fault in this story lies with mankind’s unwillingness to adapt and change, (on on an even grander scale, ‘the world’), not specifically just Americans or Norwegians. […]

“Stoned Shelley”

            Josh raised a question about Shelley’s association with drugs that I wanted to investigate for my post today: “Did Shelley have much exposure to drugs/addiction?”             While it is a fact that Frankenstein was inspired by a “waking nightmare” (pg. 11) people have claimed that the nightmare influenced by opium. Mary Shelley’s husband, Percy, was infamous for […]

Appreciation vs. Ambition

In continuation of the Tuesday’s discussion of binaries, I began to think about Frankenstein’s appreciation for the natural versus his ambition for the unnatural. He sees his project as an opportunity to both introduce new beings on earth and reverse the effects of death. While the former isn’t so far fetched now (Mules and ligers […]